My friends all lined up on the roof, just minutes before Seattle’s annual firework show.
Anonymous asked:
although cute dorm rooms are cool and obviously desired, don't go too crazy. i did and it was pain in the ass to get all that crap back home. especially because you do acquire a lot of things while you're gone. bring the basics and small cutesy things. remember that your space can be limited in a dorm room, and depending on how small it really is, clutter is a regular thing. so starting really basic is probably the best thing to do. then gauge the space and buy more if needed! hope i helped!

thank you so much! Ive only bought the basics so far, I’m really stressing about what clothes I’m bringing! I live pretty close to campus around a 35 minute drive but I’m still trying to figure out some things that I 100% need! I’m a huge neat freak so hopefully my room isn’t too cluttered. Thank you for your help :) xox

Can anyone give me college essential recommendations? General or specific please whatever you suggest will help I’m going crazy 🙈


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